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Java Multimeter (JMM)

handy software for RS232 multimeters

Java is a world language. Many people think that this programming language, which was developed by Sun Microsystems, is only suitable for embellishing Internet pages with cute applets. Nothing could be further from the truth. Java is a fully-fledged programming language that can be used for making Internet applets and stand-alone applications for all possible platforms. What about a Java application in a ring, a credit card or your toaster? It’s all possible!In this project, Java is used for reading data from a multimeter that has an RS232 port (such as the Voltcraft model 3850d). For more background information on this type of multimeter, see the April 1997 issue of Elektor Electronics.Java MultiMeter (JMM) has a very simple design. The main window displays the measurement value, the range and a bargraph (a semi-analogue measurement bar), plus a number of buttons. The READ button at the lower right is used to read in a value, while the START and STOP buttons can be used to control repetitive measurements at an adjustable interval that can be set using a slider (Sequence).
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