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32-Channel digital input card for PC serial port

link your PC to the real world

Based on a Labs project | October 2011 | Find it here
The thing that makes this card different from other DAQ & Control cards for the PC serial port is the way it communicates with the computer. Many DAQ cards you may have seen include a microcontroller or a UART chip for serial communication. The present card does not have any such chips because it employs direct accessing of UART registers to enable serial to parallel conversion.The field of Data Acquisition (DAQ) & Control is not something new for Electronics Science. The field really started out just after Semiconductor Technology succeeded in making the first microprocessor in an Integrated Circuit (IC) package. These were the days when computers started to take a secure position in industry, and after that, in our homes.Data Acquisition & Control is all about processing of data and controlling through computers. So the goal of all DAQ & Control systems is to allow the computer to communicate with, and to some extent control, the ‘outside world’.
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