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OSCAR MP3 Player (1)

A stand-alone MP3 player

OSCAR MP3 Player (1)
OSCAR is a high-quality MP3 player for upgrading a conventional audio installation. In addition to the CD drive for data storage, you can use an IDE hard-disk drive, which will provide a week’s worth of music in hi-fi quality.It all seemed so nice: the first instalment of the project for a DIY stand-alone MP3 player was supposed to appear in the June issue of Elektor Electronics, following an article on the basic principles of MP3 in the May issue, and the series was to culminate in the September issue. But plans are one thing, and reality another. Unforeseeable technical problems cropped up with the MP3 Cube, and in spite of the collective expertise of the Elektor Electronics design laboratory, these could not be solved in a reasonable amount of time.
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