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GSM Call Indicators

‘Quiet-Calling’ add-ons for mobile phones

GSM Call Indicators
Those small indicators that either flash or vibrate when there is a mobile phone call are well known by now. But how can they monitor the activity of a GSM phone remotely, and what is inside them? We’ve looked more closely at some of these gadgets.These days GSM phones are part of everyday life. Within a period of five years, more mobile phones have been connected in most Western European countries than there are fixed connections. By contrast, it took about a 100 years for fixed phones to reach their current number. The introduction of the mobile phone has affected society greatly. More and more people are becoming irritated that they can be contacted on their mobile. There are numerous occasions when a mobile phone rings loudly when it is least wanted. Sitting peacefully on a terrace seems to have become more of a utopia nowadays.
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