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Programmable Pulse Generator

simple hardware with lots of features

Programmable Pulse Generator
This pulse generator, which can be programmed using Visual Basic 5.0, employs the simplest imaginable hardware but offers capabilities that are usually found only in microprocessor controlled equipment.The circuit presented here is a programmable pulse generator (PPG) that can be programmed via a serial interface. It has a frequency range of 0.1 Hz to around 100 kHz. The pulse frequency and pulse length of the PPG are set using the combination of switch S2 (SPF) and potentiometer P2 (PF) along with switch S1 (SPL) and potentiometer P1 (PTL), as shown in Figure 1. It is possible to program arbitrary pulse sequences, ranging in length from 1 to 48 pulses, and the only involvement of the PC CPU is to load new pulse patterns. The circuit is otherwise fully independent.The following signals are present on the three outputs (AN, AG and AP): the programmed pulse sequence, a DC voltage smoothed by a low-pass filter (dimming function) and a pulse whose width can be set using a monostable multivibrator (MMV).
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Gerber file

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Component list
R1-R4,R13 = 10k Ohm
R5,R7,R9 = 560 Ohm
R6 = 4k Ohm 7
R8 = 6k Ohm 8
R10,R14 = 1k Ohm
R11 = 47k Ohm
R12 = 33k Ohm
P1 = potentiometer, 2M Ohm , linear law
P2 = potentiometer, 1M Ohm , linear law
C1 = 470pF
C2,C4 = 1µF
C3 = 1nF
C5,C7,C8 = 100nF
C6 = 100µF 16V radial
D1,D2,D3 = 4V7, 500mW zener diode
T1-T5 = BC547C
IC1 = 4027
IC2 = 4098
IC3,IC4,C5 = 40100
IC6 = 4011
IC7 = 4093
K1 = 9-way Sub-D socket (female), PCB mount
S1,S2 = switch, 1 on/off contact
3 solder pins
Disk, project software, order code 000200-11a/b
PCB, order code 000200-1
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