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Simple IR Receiver

Based on a Labs project | October 2011 | Find it here
This circuit has been designed to complement the ‘Simple IR Transmitter’ and to decode its transmitted signals. The similarity to the transmitter can be clearly seen: the received data is decoded by a shift register (74HC4094), which again is clocked by a counter/oscillator (74HC4060). The receiver is started by the first edge from the IR-receiver module, which triggers monostable IC5a. The output of the module is active-Low, so the negative trigger input is used. The monostable used is a 74HC4538, which is re-triggerable. By connecting the Q-output to the positive trigger input, IC5 is prevented from being triggered whilst it has an active output.
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Component list
R1 = 47Ohm
R2 = 270kOhm
R3 = 5kOhm 6
R4 = 56kOhm
R5-R8 = 270Ohm
C1 = 100µF 10V radial
C2 = 1nF2
C3-C7 = 100nF ceramic
C8 = 220µF 25V radial
D1 = BAT85
IC1 = SFH5110 (IS1U60, TSOP1836)
IC2 = 74HC14
IC3 = 74HC4094
IC4 = 74HC4060
IC5 = 74HC4538
IC6 = 74HC4514
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