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SW Converter for Digital AM Car Radio

Based on a Labs project | October 2011 | Find it here
This circuit is purposely presented with many loose ends (not literally, of course) to stimulate experimenting with RF circuitry at a small outlay.Looking at the circuit diagram you may recognize a modified version of the SW Converter for AM Radios described elsewhere in this issue. The modifications were necessary to make the circuit compatible with a digital rather than analogue AM car radio. The main difference between digital AM radios and their all-analogue predecessors is that tuning is in 9 kHz (sometimes 4.5 kHz steps) in compliance with the international frequency allocation for the band. Obviously, that particular step size, desirable as it may be on MW, is a stumbling block if you want to use a digital AM receiver in combination with a frequency step-up converter for SW, where chaos reigns and there is no fixed step size.
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