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Souping up CD Burners

higher speed with different firmware

Not only can you soup up cars, scooters and mopeds, you can also soup up computer equipment. Running CPUs at clock rates higher than what they were originally intended to use has become a popular sport. However, not everyone realises that various types of CD burners can also be ‘upgraded’ to better or faster versions.Nowadays, a CD writer (or ‘burner’, as it has come to be commonly known) is practically a standard component of a modern computer. CD-R disks are dirt cheap, and a CD burner is the ideal means for transferring large volumes of data between computers, making backups of programs and files, making audio CDs with compilations of your favourite tunes and generating MP-3 CDs.The pace of development with CD burners has been so fast in recent years that a new model with even higher speed appears every few months. Among owners of older models, this gives rise to the urge to acquire a faster model.
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