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Ersatz forWindows XP

an ersatz version of the latest OS

The latest operating system from Microsoft, called XP, contains a number of significant improvement over its predecessors. At a price, however, because an upgrade from 95/98/ME to XP is pretty expensive. If you are not convinced of all the technical tweaks in XP, but still like its appearance, there plenty of opportunity for ‘home improvement’ using the XP wallpapers and icons that can be found on the Internet.Clearly, the XP operating system is a much more stable basis for Windows programs that any of its predecessors. This is the result of a lot of hard work ‘under the bonnet’. Also, significant improvements have been achieved as compared with the 9x and ME releases. However, if you’re new to XP, the first thing you will notice is its desktop and icons rather that any of its improved features. Clearly, the Windows programmers have give en a lot of attention to ‘cosmetics’ this time. It alls looks a bit more ‘pop art’ with rounded icons, pastel colours and coloured backgrounds.
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