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Multi-Position Mains Switch

Multi-Position Mains Switch
The circuit shown here was born out of necessity after one of our colleagues had just renovated his kitchen and realised afterwards that there were not enough switches. Obviously he was not too keen to partially demolish the kitchen to install a few additional wires in the already tiled wall. That’s how the idea arose to develop a clever electronic circuit that would operate two lamps with only one switch.
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Gerber file

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Component list
R1,R2 = 10kOhm
R3 = 33kOhm
R4 = 100kOhm
R5 = 10kOhm
C1 = 100nF
C2 = 10µ F 63V
C3 = 4µ F7 63V radial
C4 = 470µ F 16V radial
C5 = 2µ F2 63V axial
D1-D7 = 1N4148
D8 = 1N4001
T2,T3 = BC547B
IC1 = 4017
IC2 = 78L09
K1,K2,K3 = 2-way PCB terminal block, lead pitch 7.5mm
Tr1 = mains transformer 9V 1.5VA, e.g., Hahn EI 3022021
B1 = B80C1500 (round case) (80V piv, 1.5A)
Re1, Re2 = 12V relay, e.g., V23057 B0002 A101 12V (Schrack)
Case, Bopla, OKW or Schyller
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