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EEDTS Pro Super Loco Decoder Upgrade

with a return signaller upgrade

When the announcement was made for a new version of the PC software and controller for the popular EEDTS Pro model train control system it was inevitable that an upgrade for the super loco decoder would soon follow. The original super loco decoder was published in the October 1999 issue of Elektor Electronics. The version described here replaces the old one and offers several enhancements, such as a programmable speed table.The new version of the super loco decoder (ESLD) doesn’t just have extra functions to support the new PC software. Improvements have also been made to some of the original functions.It now takes into account which type of motor is used in the loco. There are trains that use a.c. or d.c. motors. The properties of d.c. motors are different to those of a.c. motors, which causes d.c. locos to run too fast at lower speed settings. Because the use of d.c. motors is increasing, the speed table can now be adapted to suit the properties of the motor.
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