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Microcontroller Basics Course FAQs

the most commonly asked questions

We have received many questions from readers regarding our microcontroller course. The most interesting questions are summarised in this list of FAQs (frequently asked questions).? Where can I order the printed circuit board for the 89S8252 Flash Board? Can I also order it complete with the components?Only the printed circuit board can be ordered from Elektor Electronics. All other components must be purchased from regular electronics traders. You can order the circuit board via Internet or by telephoning us at Elektor Electronics. Some traders like C-I Electronics (www.dil.nl) can provide a complete construction kit. Elektor also sell a floppy disk (order number 010208-19) containing all the sample software and necessary utility programs, such as TASM and Microflash. You can also download this software free of charge from our website at www.elektorelectronics. co.uk. Select Free Downloads, then June 2002, then file 010208-19. For some parts of the course, you will also have to download additional programs from the Internet.
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