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Optimise your PC Soundcard

using a correction filter

Optimise your PC Soundcard
Digitising analogue sound media like vinyl records and magnetic tapes is a simple matter if you have a reasonably fast multimedia PC. After all, you have available all the necessary ingredients and tools including a soundcard with an analogue inputs, software and a CD-ROM burner. The circuit described in this article enables the analogue input of your soundcard to be linearised for optimum sonic reproduction.The author and designer of this circuit performed a series of tests on several ‘standard’ soundcards used in PCs. Although most of these were found to have good anti-aliasing filters, in quite a few cases the frequency linearity of the analogue inputs left much to be desired. In most cases, this deficiency is caused by a rather too small input capacitor, a digital input filter dimensioned for a too low frequency, or simply by the user himself unwittingly connecting a cheap input cable of about 3 metres length to the input, which then sees a far too large capacitance.
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