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Network Monitor for Nokia GSM Phones

Measure cellular radio fieldstrength

Network Monitor for Nokia GSM Phones
Today’s GSM phones have some many bells and whistles that many of us are confused (to say the least) by the plethora of menus and submenus. To add to the confusion, there exists a vast number of auxiliary programs (‘tools’) for even more options and functions. Among these programs we discovered a few that are of interest to electronics enthusiasts.Although there’s no shortage of tips and tricks for mobile phones, it must be said that most of these are only useful for fanatic GSM users. And yet, there are tools worth experimenting with or having a look at if you’re into electronics. For example, our reader Mr. Busch kindly informed us of the possibility to use a Nokia mobile phone to measure the local fieldstrength of GSM transmitter(s) within receiving range of the phone.
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