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Temperature Indicator for the PC

Useful and decorative!

Temperature Indicator for the PC
Alongside its purely functional uses the PC also has a position as a status symbol. At computer nerd get-togethers, it is de rigeur to have some novelty to show off. And if it also serves some useful purpose, so much the better.Enclosures with windows and internal illumination have already started to become available, showing off the innards of a PC. There is even a special word — modding — for this type of PC (re)construction. As well as various modifications whose benefits can be argued over at considerable length, there are those which have a definite useful purpose.
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In case relatively long wires are used between the LM75 and the microcontroller, it is recommended to fit pull-up resistors on the SDA and SCL lines. These resistors can take values between 3.3 kOhm and 10 kOhm.
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