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IMT902 Microstep Driver for Two Motors

1/16th step, with constant-current drive

IMT902 Microstep Driver for Two Motors
The IMT902 from Nanotec is a PWM chopper type sinusoidal microstep bipolar stepper motor driver. Two stepper motors can be controlled by a single low loss and highly integrated driver IC, which is supplied in a space saving 36-pin SMD enclosure. Besides four DMOS H bridges with an RDS(on) of just 0.5 ž, the constant-current driver type IMT902 also contains two 4-bit D/A converters that enable microstep switching from 1/1 (full step) to 1/16th stepping (microstep). Sinusoidal output voltages are supplied to ensure resonance and noise free operation of the motor(s). The drivers supply the motors with voltages of up to 40 V at currents of up to 1.5 A per phase.
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