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Xilinx PROM Programmer

Parallel port serial PROM burner

Xilinx PROM Programmer
The programmer described here reads and writes to the Xilinx family of serial PROMs. The PC software is written in Turbo Pascal and the programmer plugs into a free printer (Centronics) port.When it comes to PROM burning tools the most common model available is the universal type of PROM programmer. These are capable of handling the majority of chips currently on the market. The cost of such a burner is relatively high so the average electronics enthusiast has a hard job justifying his/her purchase especially if the programmer will only be used occasionally. If you do manage to scrape the funds to buy a programmer, regular software updates are fairly painless but it can be frustrating to find that a whole new model of programmer is introduced shortly after you make your purchase.
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Gerber file

CAM/CAD data for the PCB referred to in this article is available as a Gerber file. Elektor GREEN and GOLD members can exclusively download these files for free as part of their membership. Gerber files allow a PCB to be produced on an appropriate device available locally, or through an online PCB manufacturing service.

Elektor recommends its business partner Eurocircuits as the company of choice for its own prototypes and volume production in selected cases.

Component list
R1 = 1k?
R2 = 680?
R3,R4 = 120?
R5 = 8-way 4k?7 SIL array
R6,R15 = 560?
R7-R11 = 330?
R12,R13 = 10k?
R14 = 2k?2
P1-P5 = 2k?5 preset
C1,C5,C6 = 100nF
C2,C4 = 1µF 25V radial
C3 = 100µF 25V radial
D1,D2,D3 = 1N4148
D4 = LED, red
IC1,IC3 = 74HC245
IC2,IC6 = LM317T
IC4 = 7805
T1,T2,T3,T5 = BS170
T4 = BC557B
JP1 = 2-way SIL header with jumper
K1 = 25-way sub-D plug (male), PCB mount
K2 = 8-way DIL socket with turned pins
PCB, order code 010109-1, available from The PCBShop
Disk, project software, order code 010109-11 or Free Download
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