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IrDA Interface

Many modern motherboards are equipped with an infrared data interface compliant with the IrDA standard, but this interface not very often used. However, it is not difficult to build a data transmission module and connect it to the corresponding header. As can readily be seen from the schematic diagram, this doesn’t exactly involve a large array of ICs. This is because transceiver ICs are available for the IrDA standard, so only a few passive components have to be added to obtain an operational circuit.
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Component list
R1 = 7Ohm 5 (shape 1210)
R2 = 47 Ohm (shape 1206)
R3 = 100 k (shape 1206)
C1 = 100nF (shape 1206)
C2 = 4µ F7 (shape 1210)
IC1 = TFDU6102TR3 (Vishay) (Farnell)
X1 = 5-way SIL pinheader
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