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Digital Logic Compared

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Digital Logic Compared
In response to repeated requests, in this article we present an overview of a number of logic families and their properties. We also briefly examine certain important parameters. Finally, we explain what you need to pay attention to when working with digital logic.Although the ability of transistors to amplify signals excited the most interest from the very start, nowadays transistors are probably more often used as switches. It is precisely this (digital) application that forms the basis for this article, since a wide variety of logic functions can be implemented using combinations of switching transistors, thus enabling us to have transistors do our computations.
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The drawing in Figure 2b is incorrect. The input should be connected directly to the FET gates. The anode of the lower diode should go to ground and the cathode of the upper diodes to +Vcc, protecting the inverter input against harmful over- and undervoltages.
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