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AVR450 Battery Charger

Multi-standard battery charging

AVR450 Battery Charger
Atmel’s AVR450 reference board described in this article has just about everything you would expect from a high-end multi-standard battery charger. With suitable programming of the microcontroller, one and the same board and hardware allow you to implement a wide range of charger systems. Another unique feature of the circuit is its compatibility with Li-ion, NiMH, NiCd as well as lead-acid batteries.The AVR450 board introduced by Atmel contains two independent charger circuits, one built around the AT90S4433 and the other, around the much cheaper 8-pin ATtiny15. However, other AVR microcontrollers may be used, to, provided they have an A-D converter, a PWM output and enough program memory to hold the desired charging algorithms.
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