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Beware of fakes!

Bogus Electronic Parts
The forgery of expensive brand-name products is an easy way to make some money quickly. Lots of products, anything from T-shirts to watches that strongly resemble the original are offered for sale, particularly in Asia, for ridiculously low prices. In recent years, even electronic components are being copied. From the outside they are indistinguishable from the original, but on the inside they are pure fake. This can have nasty consequences when you solder one in your circuit!Forgery of brand-name products has been a phenomenon for a long time. Everyone will have heard the holiday stories where you can buy a ‘real’ Rolex on the beach for just 5 pounds! It is too good to be true…But it is not only with clothing, handbags and watches that shady factories and slippery individuals try to make easy money at the expense of someone else’s reputable name. These days, counterfeiters go much further. Everything that can earn money is a potential target for the forgery industry.
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