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EL156 Audio Power Amplifier

Return of a legend

EL156 Audio Power Amplifier

Thanks to its robustness, the legendary EL156 audio power pentode has found its way into many professional amplifier units. Its attraction derives not just from its appealing shape, but also from its impressive audio characteristics. We therefore bring you this classical circuit, updated using high-quality modern components.

The EL156 was manufactured in the legendary Telefunken valve factory in Ulm, near the river Danube in Germany. The EL156 made amplifiers with an output power of up to 130 W possible, using just two valves in the output stage and one driver valve. Genuine EL156s are no longer available new at realistic prices, and hardly any are available second-hand. The original devices used a metal valve base which is still available, but a new design using original valves and metal valve bases would anyway be impractical, given the lack of availability at reasonable prices.

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