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Remote Control using RF (transmitter)


Remote Control using RF (transmitter)
These days, transmit- and receive modules that operate on the well-known 433-MHz licence-free frequency are reasonably cheap and freely available at electronics stores. The circuit described here makes use of the transmitter/receiver combination available from Conrad Electronics, which stands out because of its low price. A disadvantage with this setup is the available bandwidth. At 2 kHz this is quite limited, but still sufficient for our purpose. We assume that the RC5 remote control system from Philips is being used.
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Gerber file

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Component list
R1 = 100
R2 = 4k7
C1, C3 = 100µF 10V radial
C2 = 100nF ceramic
L1 = 10µH
D1 = zener diode 5V1 0.5W
T1 = BC547B
IC1 = SFH5110-36
S1 = miniature slide switch SX254 (Hartmann) (Conrad Electronics # 708062) or 3-way pinheader with jumper
MOD1 = 433.92 MHz AM transmitter module from Conrad Electronics set, # 130428
PCB, ref. 054013-1
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