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CCO Metal Detector


CCO Metal Detector
To the best of the author's knowledge, the metal detector shown here represents another new genre. It is presented here merely as an experimental idea, and operates in conjunction with a Medium Wave radio.
If a suitable heterodyne is tuned in on the medium waves, its performance is excellent. An old Victorian penny, at 180 mm, should induce a shift in frequency of one tone through the radio speaker. This suggests that the concept will match the performance of induction balance (IB) detector types, while employing a fraction of the components.
In principle, the circuit is loosely based on a transformer coupled oscillator (TCO), a well known oscillator type. This essentially consists of an amplifier which, by means of a transformer, feeds the output back to the input, thus sustaining oscillation. On this basis, the author has named the detector a Coil Coupled Operation (CCO) Metal Detector.
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