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USB Oscilloscopes

A full-fledged alternative

USB Oscilloscopes
In the past, a lot of space in hobby rooms and work stations was taken up by an instrument in a large case with a small screen, but now many of its functions can be performed using a PC. A small box can transform an ordinary PC into an oscilloscope with extensive functions, in many cases including several extra functions. Elektor Electronics subjected eleven of these ‘USB oscilloscopes’ to an extensive evaluation.
Scopes on test:

Handyscope HS4-50
Handyscope HS3-100
PicoScope 3205
Bitscope BS-310U
ETC M522
Penscope DAQ
Bitscope BS-50U
Swordfish PS40M10
Stingray DS1M12
Conrad DSO-220 USB
Parallax USB Oscilloscope
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