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Visual BASIC

programming for electronics enthusiasts

Visual BASIC
This short course on Visual Basic 2005 programming is designed especially for the electronics enthusiasts. These are people most likely to be interested in learning computer programming. Modern electronics technology pushes more and more towards programmable devices and many of these, need to communicate with personal computers.
Many enthusiasts get stuck in the early stages of their efforts to learn programming in spite of the trend and their willingness. This is due to various reasons. Firstly, even though programming languages, like Basic, were designed initially for simplicity of use, are now complex tools that present the beginner with formidable starting hurtles. Secondly, manuals and text books on the subject lose their readers in the early chapters by delving too deeply into the workings of the language.
This series of lessons will get you started with hands on practical experience immediately without long-winded jargon filled talk. We will try to explain things in the simplest possible way, focusing on the essential and the important, through plenty of examples relevant to electronics.
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