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6 V Dynamo Regulator

For vintage motorbikes

6 V Dynamo Regulator
This ’bulletproof’ electronic regulator was originally designed to replace the troublesome original electromechanical regulator on the author’s vintage BMW/EMW R35 motorbike. A large number of BMW/EMW devotees have since successfully tested this unit on their machines without problem. The design is universal and should be suitable for all bikes using the same switched-earth field regulation method.
The author designed this regulator for his EMW R35-3 motorbike. The bike was built by Eisenacher Motoren Werken (EMW) based upon the prewar R35 machine from BMW. Production of the bike continued for many years after 1945.
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Gerber file

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Component list
(SMD case 1206)
R1 = 6k8 (see text)
R2,R5 = 4k7
R3 = 100?
R4 = 1M5
R6 = S05K20 (varistor)
(SMD case 1206)
C1 = 4nF7
C2 = 3µF3 (ceramic multilayer)
D1 = LL4148
D2,D3 = zener diode 5V1 (SMD)
D4 = zener diode 9V1 (SMD)
D5 = EGP50D
D6 = BYV32E-100
T1 = BTS115A
IC1 = MAX291
PCB, ref. 050241-1 from The PCB Shop
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