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Telephone Eavesdropper

An advanced amplifier with line output

Telephone Eavesdropper
Galvanic isolation is a special feature of this telephone amplifier, which includes a line output connection for a hi-fi system.
Although in some countries, including the UK and Germany, analogue telephone connections are something of a dying breed, most residential customers use analogue apparatus, even in cases where the underlying connection is over ISDN.
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Gerber file

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Component list
R1,R3 = 10k?
R2 = 8k?2
R4 = 100k?
R5,R6,R11 = 1k?
R7 = 220?
R8,R12 = 3k?3
R9 = 2?2
R10 = 2k?2
P1 = 250k? preset H
P2 = 10k? logarithmic potentiometer, mono
C1 = 2µF2 63 radial
C2 = 15nF 400V
C3 = 1nF 400V
C4 = 68pF
C5,C16,C18 = 10µF 63V radial
C6,C10,C15,C17 = 100nF
C7 = 220µF 16V radial (max. diameter 8mm)
C8 = 1nF ceramic (5mm lead pitch)
C9 = 330nF
C11,C12,C13 = 470µF 16V radial (max. diameter 8mm)
C14 = 3nF3 (5mm lead pitch)
D1,D2 = BAT85
D3 = LED, low current
D4 = 1N4002
IC1 = LF356
IC2,IC3 = 6N138 (Farnell # 325-831)
IC4 = TDA7052
IC5 = NMV0512SA, C&D Technologies/Newport Components (Farnell # 589-822)
IC6 = 7806
K1,K2 = RJ45 socket
LS1 = 8 ? / 1W miniature loudspeaker
Solder pins
PCB, order code 030379-1
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