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i-TRIXX collection

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i-TRIXX collection
This December 2006 issue of Elektor Electronics comes with a free collection of simple yet useful and sometimes playful circuits for home construction. The circuits, we hope and expect, are easily understood and reproducible and should appeal to the less advanced electronics enthusiast, although more experienced readers are also bound to fi nd interesting bits and bobs to help them through the dark winter evenings in a pleasant and educational way.

Did someone ring?
A touch more bling, perhaps?
Empty battery?
Lord and master!
Battery saver circuit
Battery indicator for the caravan
When the siren sounds…
Temperature-controlled switch
Check your contacts
Check Out Your LEDs
It’s Wet!
Dicing with LEDs
Surf simulator
Save Your Ears
Electronic poltergeist
Pump it up: MP3 booster
Musical saw
Luminous house number
Applause generator
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