Ton Giesberts
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Pimp your Shoes

Trendy shoe adornment

Pimp your Shoes
Shoes that light up? No problem, these days you can buy (almost) anything. But it is of course much more fun and challenging to enhance a pair of shoes yourself with these trendy lights, using a clever little circuit and some LEDs.
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Component list


R1 = 47kΩ (SMD 0805)

R2,R3 = 10kΩ (SMD 0805)

R4 = 220Ω (SMD 0805)

P1 = 1MΩ preset


C1 = 470nF (SMD 0805)

C2,C3,C4 = 100nF (SMD 0805)


D1-D18 = low-current LED

T1 = BC847 (SMD)

IC1 = 74HC(T)132 (SMD SO14)

IC2,IC3 = 74HC4017 (SMD SO16)


BT1 = 3V Lithium button cell

PCB, ref. EPS 070851-1
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