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paX: a power amplifier with error correction (2)

The voltage amplifier and input buffer stages

paX: a power amplifier with error correction (2)
Last month we discussed the principle of error correction and developed an error-correction power output stage. In this installment we will use H.ec in a voltage amplification stage and present the complete amplifier.
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Gerber file

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Component list


(0.25W metal film)

R1-R4,R6,R8,R17,R18 = 47Ω

R7 = 220Ω

R9,R10,R12,R25,R34 = 4kΩ7

R11 = 249Ω

R13 = 2kΩ74

R16 = 5kΩ23

R19,R20,R30,R31 = 2kΩ15

R21-R24,R60 = 100Ω

R26,R27,R33,R40-R43,R46,R51 = 1kΩ

R28 = 10Ω

R29 = 3kΩ0

R32 = 33Ω

R35,R36 = 619Ω

R37,R38 = 680Ω

R39,R45 = 1MΩ

R44 = 7kΩ5

R47,R48 = 1kΩ8 2W MF

R49,R50 = 10 kΩ

R52-R55 = 0Ω22 5W ceramic

R64 = 1Ω5 2W

R65 = 6(8 2W

RV1, RV2 = 200( multiturn trimmer

R5,R14,R15,R56-R59, R61-R63 = not present



C1,C3,C23 = 150pF polypropylene

C2, C4,C5,C9,C14-C16,C19,C22, C24,C25 = 100nF cer.

C6-C8,C13,C21 = 1µF 63V foil

C10 = 220nF 50V cer.

C11,C12,C17,C18 = 470µF 63V

C26 = 1nF foil



L1 = 5µH (see text)



D1, D2, D5,D6,D10,D11 = zener diode 15V 0.5W

D3,D4,D9,D12,D13,D14 = 1N4148

D7,D8 = 1N4003

Q1,Q2,Q9 = 2SA1208

Q3,Q4,Q10 = 2SC2910

Q5,Q11,Q17,Q18 = BC546B

Q6,Q14,Q19,Q20 = BC556B

Q13,Q16 = STD03N (+ isolation pad & mounting hardware)

Q12,Q15 = STD03P (+ isolation pad & mounting hardware)

U1,U2,U4 = AD844AN

U3 = TL051CP



J9 = header 2 x 1 pin (signal input)

J10 = header 2 x 3 pin (+ flatcable)

4 IC sockets DIL08

PCB, ref. 071085-1
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