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Automatic Bicycle Light

Automatic Bicycle Light
The circuit takes the ambient light level into account and only turns on the light when it becomes dark. The light is turned off when no cycling has taken place for over a minute or if it becomes light again. The biggest advantage of this circuit is that it has no manual controls. This way you can never 'forget' to turn the light on or off. This makes it ideal for children and those of a forgetful disposition.
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Gerber file

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Component list
R1 = 1MO (SMD 0805)
R2,R4 = 100kO (SMD 0805)
R3,R6 = 1kO (SMD 0805)
R5 = LDR e.g. FW150 Conrad Electronics # 183547
C1 = 1µF 16V (SMD 0805)
C2 = 10µF 16V (SMD chip type)
C3 = 100nF (SMD 0805)
T1 = BC807 (SMD SOT23)
T2 = STS6NF20V (SMD SO8)
S1 = reed switch (not on board) + 2-way right angle pinheader
BT1 = 3–12V (see text)
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