Thomas Scherer
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ATtiny plays 555 MMV and AMV

The chip with three fives in its type code sure is among the biggest selling ICs of all times but from today’s perspective the internal block diagram certainly looks a little dated with its multitude of analogue signal paths. In this article we give the design a 21st Century makeover to produce a much more versatile ‘virtual 555’ using an 8-pin microcontroller.
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Extra info / Update
MMV (iMono) features
Digital, configurable monostable multivibrator
Three modes: non retriggerable, retriggerable and extended pulse
Programmable trigger edge: falling or rising
Non inverting and inverting outputs
Pulse width from 0.8 µs to 524 s
Documented source code in BASIC
AMV (iMulti) features
Digital, configurable astable multivibrator
Four modes: Fast, Fixed value, VCO and VCDC
Gate input defined in software either active High or Low
Waveform true or inverted
Frequency adjustable by software or control voltage
Duty-Cycle adjustable by software or control voltage
Frequency range 10 MHz to 1.91 MHz
Documented source code in BASIC

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