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USB Audio Adapter

an add-on USB input for external D/A converters

USB Audio Adapter
You need a good quality external D/A converter and amplifier if you want to play audio files on your computer in high fidelity. The missing link in the chain is often a digital S/PDIF output from your computer. The low cost solution suggested here modifies an off-the-shelf analogue USB audio card and provides the S/PDIF connection almost for free.
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Component list
R1 = 330Ohm
R2 = 680Ohm
R3 = 470Ohm
C1 = 100nF
TR1 = PE-65612 (Pulse) or home made (2 x 10 turns on Amidon FT 50A-77)
LED1 = standard LED, yellow
Cinch socket
Solder pins
USB audio adapter type UltraPortable Audio Card from Speed-Link
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