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The RL78 Green Energy Challenge has begun

Are you ready to shape the future we live in?

The RL78 Green Energy Challenge has begun

Green Energy ideas are rapidly changing our future, so what’s your idea? Here’s your opportunity to step into the light, present your Green Energy design to the world, and help create a future that’s bright, clean, and healthy.

Green Energy. It’s a phrase that’s become so commonplace in the past few years that we now hear it every day of our lives. But what is it? Ask a group of people and you’re sure to get a range of different answers. Some would say it’s improving and using our current energy systems and supplies better and more efficiently. Others might say it’s concentrating on building out technologies for alternate energy such as wind, solar, and geothermal. Perhaps it’s completely new ways of thinking such as energy harvesting and extreme low power means like RF gathering, heat scavenging, and piezo mechanical generation. Even others may say it’s creating intelligent control systems, monitoring, data gathering, and processing to better utilize energy and resources whatever the source technology may be.

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Rob Dautel, Sr. Manager of Ecosystems at Renesas Electronics America, has more than 24 years experience in hardware, software, and ASIC design. He is an expert in digital audio, industrial control, and development tools. He ‘speaks’ 22 different programming languages.

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