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Hexadoku, May 2012

Puzzle with an electronics touch

Hexadoku, May 2012
Pencil sharpened, eraser handy? No freerange family members yelling or offering consistently bad advice? Seated in the comfy chair? Good, all systems are GO for a new Hexadoku puzzle. Enter the right numbers in the puzzle below. Next, send the ones in the grey boxes to us and you automatically enter the prize draw for one of four Elektor Shop vouchers.The Hexadoku puzzle employs numbers in the hexadecimal range 0 through F. In the diagram composed of 16 × 16 boxes, enter numbers such that all hexadecimal numbers 0 through F (that's 0-9 and A-F) occur once only in each row, once in each column and in each of the 4×4 boxes (marked by the thicker black lines). A number of clues are given in the puzzle and these determine the start situation. Correct entries received enter a prize draw. All you need to do is send us the numbers in the grey boxes.
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