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RL78 Green Energy Challenge

Renesas’ true Low Power MCU platform

RL78 Green Energy Challenge

In our Green Energy world many electronic designs are driven by requirements for reduced size, improved scalability, intelligent functionality and most importantly low power consumption.

The Renesas RL78 microcontroller (MCU) family is specifically designed to meet these demands by incorporating the highest peripheral integration, intelligent CPU architecture and advanced power-management capabilities to enable ‘True Low Power Design’. In addition to excellent general low power characteristics RL78 MCUs incorporate special functions to minimise operating current. Major sections of the MCUs can be turned off, while key peripheral blocks of the device continue to function.

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Mohammed “Mo” Dogar works for Renesas Europe as a product marketing manager, focused on promoting and selling microcontroller devices into major OEMs and distributors.

Mo’s group defines and develops MCU product roadmaps and development support infrastructure for wide range of Industrial and Consumer electronics applications.

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