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BL600 e-BoB (5)Part 5Bluetooth Low Energy Module

- SPI port & digital/analog converter- Android application

BL600 e-BoB (5)Part 5Bluetooth Low Energy Module
Following on from the BL600’s I²C port we looked at last time, we’re going to take a look here at its serial interface. To do this, we’re going to be using a digital/analog converter, itself fitted with an SPI port. This will be an opportunity to produce your own Bluetooth application.
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Component list
Component List
IC1 = LTC1655L
S1 = pushbutton
MOD1 = FT232 e-BoB, ready assembled, # 110553-91 [7]
MOD2 = BL600 e-BoB,  ready assembled, # 140270-91 [7]
Or printed circuit board # 140270-1 [7]
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