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Laser Time Writer

Writing with light

Laser Time Writer
The popular Sand Clock project published here a year ago (Elektor 1/2017) was based on the plotter clock from FabLab Nuremberg, which wrote the time with a replaceable felt-tip pin. We have not been sitting still during the past year, and now we are proud to present the new Laser Time Writer. It writes the time with a violet laser on a piece of self-adhesive phosphorescent film.
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Component list
From the Store
160065-71 Sand Clock
160538-71 Laser Time Writer (upgrade kit)

Component List
Default: SMD 0805
R1-R3,R11 = 220Ohm
R4 = 1.8kOhm *
R5-R9 = 4.7kOhm
R10 = 100kOhm
R12 = 2.2kOhm *
C1-C4 = 100nF, SMD 0805, MLCC
C5 = 10μF, 10V, SMD 1206, MLCC
C6 = 22μF, 16V
D1-D3 = S2J-E3
T1 = BCX56
IC1 = DC/DC converter, SIP3, 5V/1A (Würth Elektronik 173 010 578)
IC2 = PCF2129A
K1 = set of pinheaders (1x10, 2x8, 1x6), 0.1" pitch
SERVO_Z, SERVO_L, SERVO_R = right-angle pinheader, 1x3, 0.1" pitch
B1 = battery holder, CR2032, with CR2032 button cell
1 pc Arduino Uno R3 or comparable
1 pc pushbutton, SPST, NO, 6mm mounting hole
1 set wires (red/black) and heat-shrink tubing
1 pc laser module, 405nm, 5-10mW, 12x35mm (eBay)
6 pcs machine screw, M2x10, Pozidriv/Phillips
6 pcs machine screw, M2.5x8, zinc-plated steel, Pozidriv DIN 7985A
2 pcs machine screw, M3x8, zinc-plated steel, Pozidriv DIN 7985A
15 pcs machine screw, M3x10, zinc-plated steel, Pozidriv DIN 7985A
6 pcs hex nut, M2, zinc-plated steel, DIN 934
7 pcs hex nut, M3, steel, DIN 934
3 pcs locking nut, M3, zinc-plated steel, DIN 985
4 pcs acorn nut, M3, chrome plated, DIN 1587
4 pcs spacer, 3mm height, polyamide, for M3
4 pcs hex spacer, 25mm, M/F M3, nickel-plated brass (min. total height 33mm, TME TFM-M3X25/DR213 or equivalent)
4 pcs spacer, 5mm height, plastic, for M3, outer diameter 6mm
1 pc brass tube, diameter 4mm x 0.5mm, length 35mm
4 pcs self-adhesive rubber foot
3 pcs micro servo, Tower Pro Tower Pro MG90S or MG90. metal gears
1 pc self-adhesive phosphorescent film, approx. 80x150mm (eBay)
Extruded (XT) acrylic sheet, 3mm, clear, laser-cut
* See text
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