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Phantom Power Supply using Switched Capacitors

Voltage tripler using three ICs

Phantom Power Supply using Switched Capacitors
If you wish to connect a low-cost, large-diaphragm microphone with decent sound quality to your PC you will often find that it requires a phantom power supply at a higher voltage than the PC can deliver. A ready-made phantom power supply with its own separate power brick or USB connection it is a bit too elaborate and expensive for applications such as Skype: you can build one yourself! What’s more, it can be made sufficiently small that it can be mounted directly inside a low-cost USB sound card.
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Component list

Component List


All SMD 0603

R1 = 3.3MΩ

R2 = 330kΩ

R3 = 3.3kΩ



All ceramic SMD 0603

C1 = 10µF, 10V

C2,C3,C4,C8 = 4.7µF, 25V

C5,C6,C7 = 2.2µF, 25V



L1,L2 = 10µH, SMD 0805



IC1,IC2 = MAX1693, SOT23-5

IC3 = TPS71501, SC70-5



External USB sound card (see text)

Printed circuit board (not available from the Elektor Store)

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