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FM Radio with RDS

A top HAT project for the Raspberry Pi

FM Radio with RDS
A Raspberry Pi plus a homebrew HAT with driver software and a custom graphical user interface created especially for this application combine to make a unique FM radio that is not only eye-catching but a fascinating learning experience, thanks to extensively detailed documentation. Nobody can fail to learn something new from this wide-ranging project!
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Component list

Component List


R1-R6 = 3.9kΩ 0.125W 1%, SMD 0805

R7-R10 = 100Ω 0.125W 1%, SMD 0805



C1 = 10µF 16V, 20%, 5mm radial SMD, 0.03Ω/2.2A

C2-C8,C17 = 100nF 50V, 10%, X7R, SMD 0805

C10 = 1nF 50V, 10%, X7R, SMD 0603

C11 = 470nF 16V, 10%, X7R, SMD 0603

C12-C15 = 470pF 50V, 5%, C0G/NP0, SMD 0805

C16 = 10pF 50V, ±0.5pF, C0G/NP0, SMD 0805, not fitted



L1 = SLF7032T102MR13-2PF, 1mH @100kHz, 130mA, 4.78Ω (TDK)

L2 = LQW18ANR27G00D, 270nH @100MHz, 110mA, 3.4Ω (Murata)

L4-L7 = BLM18PG471SN1D, 470Ω @100MHz, 1A, 0.2Ω (Murata)



D1 = CM1213A-01SO, SMD SOT-23 (ON Semiconductor)

IC1 = TSOP4138, 3-pin, wired (Vishay)

IC2 = SI4731-D60-GM, SMD 20-pin, QFN (Silicon Labs)

IC3 = CAT24C64WI-GT3, SOIC-8 (ON Semiconductor)

IC4 = SSM2518CPZ, LFCSP 20-pin -WQ (Analog Devices)

IC5 = CS2300-CP-CZZ, MSOP-10 (Cirrus Logic)



K2,K3 = 2-way PCB screw terminal block, 3.5mm pitch

J8 = 40-way (2×20) GPIO receptacle strip for RPi (extra long)

4 pcs standoff 17mm, M2,5 (male-female), e.g. Ettinger 05.12.173

4 pcs standoff 14mm, M2,5 (male-female), e.g. Ettinger 05.12.143

5 pcs M2.5 nut

5-pin SIL pinheader, vertical, 0.1'' pitch, distributed for AM/FM/PW pads

J8 = 3.5" touchscreen-LCD, e.g. Waveshare 3.5inch RPi LCD (A)

Raspberry Pi Model 2 or up

PCB # 160520-1 v2.0


C9,L3,K1: not fitted

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