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An ENS210 Dew Point Sensor e-BoB

With a sample implementation on Arduino UNO

An ENS210 Dew Point Sensor e-BoB
Values measured for a physical parameter called ‘the dew point’ indicate not only the risk of mould growth but also corrosion of steel objects including tools. Ventilating and heating afford some control over the dew point at a certain spot. However, to do this in a sensible way, the dew point has to be determined beforehand. That is exactly what this smart device is doing.
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Component list

Component List


R1;R2 = see text



C1 = 100nF, X7R, 0603



IC1 = ENS210-LQFM, (a m s) , e.g. Mouser # 985-ENS210-LQFM



K1 = 4-pin SIL pinheader, 0.1’’ pitch

PCB, 180306-1 v. 1.0, from Elektor Store

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