15% Discount on DVD "Masterclass Feedback in Audio Amplifiers"

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
15% Discount on DVD "Masterclass Feedback in Audio Amplifiers"
15% Discount on DVD "Masterclass Feedback in Audio Amplifiers"

I'm begging you please
'cause if you don't start drinkin'
I'm gonna leave!


You know what that is? Feedback. (I’ll leave it to you to decide if it is positive or negative in this case.) According to Wikipedia “Feedback is a process in which information about the past or the present influences the same phenomenon in the present or future. Feedback is a popular subject, not only for blues rock vocalist/guitarist George Thorogood who wrote the first line of this article, but also for audio enthusiasts. That is why we at Elektor devoted a DVD to it on which we recorded a masterclass on feedback in audio amplifiers.


Presented (in English) by audio specialist Jan Didden, the masterclass provides a clear overview of the benefits that can be obtained by feedback and its sibling, error correction; but also of its limitations and disadvantages. Recommended to all audio designers and serious audio hobbyists! In this masterclass we address several aspects of feedback in audio amplifiers. The focus of this masterclass, although not entirely math-free, is on providing insight and understanding of the issues involved.


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