For lab power supplies, as with most devices that the electronicist cannot be without, YouTube reviews are an indispensable resource. But it is often difficult to avoid a tornado of murderous critics. The demolition show is so common that some testers have made it their style.

But let’s keep our head, and avoid jumping to hasty and peremptory conclusions. Good criticism is not easy, it’s a difficult art.

Qui bene amat bene castigat

A wile ago my colleague Clemens Valens presented here a review of the Peaktech 6225 lab power supply. Overall, his conclusions were positive. Overall, because you can’t expect a desktop power supply that is at once compact, quiet, precise, valiantly delivering up to 5 A at an easily regulated voltage of 0 to 30 V (with current limiting of course) and at a price just under £ 75 (US$ 95; € 80) to be absolutely perfect. You can of course compare it with a device that costs twice as much, takes two or three times more space, and whose fan runs constantly. But at the end of the day you should keep your feet firmly on the ground, carefully consider what you want to do with it yourself, what you want to use it for, and how much you’re willing to pay for it.

Don’t hold back on the criticism, to better consider the conclusions

I found two videos on the Peaktech 6225 desktop power supply which examine it closely and arrive at pretty much the same conclusions. The more interesting of the two is obviously that which goes a bit further with the criticism, while frankly highlighting the strengths and not glossing over the weaknesses. And finally weighs the judgement, to present an honest picture.

Not everyone will appreciate the fact that these videos are in the German language. Alas, I could not find an English equivalent. But fortunately most of the pictures and demonstrations speak for themselves. To follow the passages where the spoken commentary is indispensable, you can use the subtitles and automatic translation services.

Because you look closely at the limits and limitations of a device does not mean that overall you can’t appreciate its merits, and the balance between price and features.