XYZprinting has introduced its new da Vinci Color printer to its range of 3D printers. This is their first 3D full-color printer using 3D ColorJet technology and prints by combining inkjet techniques with Fused Filiament Fabrication (FFF).

XYZprinting's 3DColorJet technology allows the da Vinci Color to deposit CMYK-color inks onto PLA filaments during printing. This results in full-spectrum color printing, producing precise color layers onto the printed item. This printer received an award at CES for pioneering new printer technology. This 3D printer, which deposits color details using inkjet-technology onto 3D creations, will be useful to a whole range of designers, engineers and artists.

The CMYK color cartridges provide a maximum of 16 million shades. The printing base area of ​​20 x 20 x 15 cm provides a large build volume in a relatively small housing. XYZprinting has certainly made a breakthrough with its new color 3D printer. According to the manufacturer, the printer will find applications in the following areas:
  • Animation and film. Enables production of prototypes in color that can be used immediately after printing
  • Architects and designers. The production of solid models, miniatures and prototypes provides customers with a better appreciation of design concepts.
  • Small businesses. The 3D printer helps to create your own company models and products with 3D full-color printing. Color printing reduces costs and speeds up production. The use of PLA filaments ensures that time and money is not wasted on post-processing.
  • Schools. Enables color printing by students in 3D… let their creativity run wild.
  • Model makers and collectors. All types of model figures and accessories can be produced including comic book figures rendered in authentic colors. Original designs can of course also be printed.

    When a power outage occurs during printing the 3D printer saves the current state of the file automatically. When power is resumed the printer carries on from where it left off. The 3D printer uses four 20 ml color cartridges. These are sold individually and are simple to swap out in the printer. A color cartridge can print up to 40 color models of approximately 5 cm³ and will be available at a price of € 65 each – just like standard ink-jet printers the manufacturer whacks a hefty price premium on consumables. The printer retails at around € 3,600. A 600 g transparent coil of PLA filament (heavy-metal and DEHP free) is available for € 39.