4 GHz Scope Handles Data Interfaces up to 1.6 Gbps

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
4 GHz Scope Handles Data Interfaces up to 1.6 Gbps
4 GHz Scope Handles Data Interfaces up to 1.6 Gbps

Rohde & Schwarz have added a 4 GHz model to their R&S RTO family of high performance oscilloscopes. With a sampling rate of 20 Gsample/s, the new instrument can handle various data interfaces at data rates up to 1.6 Gbps and is suitable for checking clock signals up to 800 MHz. An extremely low-noise front end allows the full measurement bandwidth of 4 GHz to be used even at the highest vertical sensitivity of 1 mV/div. The oscilloscope has a 10.4 inch touchscreen display with semi-transparent dialog boxes, drag-and-drop measurement windows, a configurable toolbar and preview icons with live waveforms.


A 10 GHz single-core A/D converter provides an excellent dynamic range with an ENOB greater than 7 bits. Another unique feature is the unprecedented high acquisition and analysis rate of 1 million waveforms per second. The digital trigger system allows users to accurately pinpoint narrow glitches as short as 50 ps, and adjustable trigger hysteresis allows users to match trigger sensitivity to signal characteristics.


The combination of FFT analysis, large dynamic range and 4 GHz bandwith makes the R&S RTO1044 suitable for frequency domain measurements. In circuit design verification and debugging applications, even sporadic EMI interference sources can be reliably detected. The spectra of up to four RF signals can be observed in parallel with phase coherence.


Image: Rohde & Schwarz


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