Baltic Rim Economies 1/2010

February 19, 2010 | 00:00

Baltic Rim Economies 1/2010

The Pan-European Institute publishes a bimonthly discussion forum, Baltic Rim Economies (BRE), which focuses on the development of the Baltic Sea Region. In BRE, high-level public and corporate decision makers, representatives of Academia and several other experts contribute to the discussion.

This issue of BRE covers the following expert articles:

  • Jerzy Buzek: EU-Russia relations – getting it right
  • Valdis Dombrovskis: Latvia’s lesson – from crisis to sustainable growth
  • Mari Kiviniemi: Baltic Sea region offers great potential
  • Søren Gade: Security in a modern world – the example of the Baltic States
  • Sten Tolgfors: Common and improved maritime surveillance
  • Krišjanis Karinš: The Baltic energy sector
  • Anne-Mari Virolainen Save the Baltic Sea and boost the economy
  • Ilkka Pöyhönen and Minna Martikainen: Promising challenges for Finnish economy – Russian market and Northern Dimension
  • Oleg V. Kharkhordin: Baltic Sea as Res Publica – limits and prospects
  • Maija Palonheimo: Education must be marketed
  • Gerhard Sabathil: Baltic interconnections and beyond – how the European Commissions works towards energy security in Europe
  • Leonid Grigoriev: Happy end of pipeline conflicts?
  • Boyan Kavalov and Hrvoje Petric: The future role of LNG in EU’s gas supply – issues for consideration
  • Pekka Sutela: Eurasian oil and gas – are perceptions changing too fast?
  • Rafael Fernández: Russia’s future gas export capability
  • Roderick Kefferpütz: Gazprom’s uncertain future within the gas market’s ‘quiet revolution’
  • Indra Øverland: The surge in unconventional gas – implications for Russian export strategies
  • Andreas Heinrich and Heiko Pleines: Factors explaining the smooth co-operation between German and Russian gas companies
  • David Dusseault: Russia’s Wild East – problematising Russia’s gas industry in Sakha
  • Mikhail Korchemkin: Russian gas exports in 2010s
  • Laura Solanko: Increasing energy efficiency is vitally important for the Russian economy
  • Vadim Kononenko: Russia energy efficiency initiatives – a window of opportunity for the EU?
  • Andres Mäe: Vulnerability in interdependent energy relations
  • Simon Pirani: Russian natural gas production and exports – the outlook to 2020
  • Danila Bochkarev: Energy diversification towards the East – strategic imperative and operational response to the uncertainty of energy demand
  • Maija Hyypiä: Nord Stream project – as seen from the Swedish point of view
  • Joanna Hyndle: Consequences of the decommissioning of Lithuanian nuclear power plant
  • Hanna Mäkinen: Shale gas – a game changer in the global energy play?
  • Anna Kotsalo-Mustonen: ‘The BSAG way’ – new ideas to rescue the Baltic Sea
  • Pertti Joenniemi: The EU strategy for the Baltic Sea Region – a first step
  • Timo Kuusakoski: Baltic Sea Region, environment and recycling
  • Risto Nieminen: Nanotechnology on the northern shores
  • Boris Porfiriev: Economic crisis in Russia – specificity of management policy and lessons for economic policy making
  • Jon Hellevig: Russia’s social model of bureaucracy
  • Aleksei Bykov and Svetlana Vertai: Challenges and prospects in economic use of local natural resources in Belarus
  • Lassi Heininen: Thematic network on geopolitics and security


You can download this edition of BRE here

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