All of you DIY audio enthusiasts, fans and aficionados will be pleased to hear that we have recently extended our audio books section on the Elektor Store with four new titles for you to add to your collection!

With our brand new edition of `Linear Audio 9`, the 10th issue in the series, readers have an entire book dedicated to technical audio and perception. This book includes sections on Audio Advertising, Tutorials, Circuit Design, Test and Measurement, and Class D, and then it is finished off with a book review. It’s another issue packed with creative, innovative and thought provoking articles form a variety of authors.

Our other brand new edition to the store, `Audio Power Amplifiers`, gives readers an opportunity to learn more about sources of distortion and measurement methods, focusing specially on dynamic and transient errors which are not normally considered in measurements. This book focuses primarily on the open loop performance, and offers an objective viewpoint based on measured performance without deeply delving in to the subjective side of amplifier performance.

Also added to our collection is the impressive gallery of tube amplifier projects known as `The Bottle Builder: A Compendium of Tube Amp Designs`, designed to be a hands-on recipe collection of Johan Basse Bergqvist’s amplifier designs with just the right amount of engineering and design backgrounds added. The compendium is aimed at all abilities and the designs included can be built by anyone if the instructions are followed.

And last but by no means least, we have `Vanderveen Trans Tube Amplifiers`, a book focusing on a singular research project that questions whether full compensation for distortion in tubes and output transformers is possible. This book reads like an adventure story, but it is more — it is an account of solid research into new ways to achieve optimal audio reproduction.

Available now in the Elektor Store, these audio books make an impressive extension to our collection of books there for your education, research, and enjoyment.

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