OptiMOS 5 from Infineon

February 18, 2015 | 01:57
OptiMOS 5 from Infineon
OptiMOS 5 from Infineon

Infineon has introduced 80 and 100V power MOSFETs to its OptiMOS 5 family of devices which offer significantly improved specifications compared to their previous OptiMOS 3 range. The 80 V range is available in 6 package styles and includes the IPTO12N08N5 which is a completely new device, available in a TO-leadless outline offering an RDS(ON) of just 1.2 m? and capable of handling up to 300 A load current. In addition to better RDS(ON) figures the devices also have lower values of capacitance associated with the gate and output to reduce switching losses.

The 100 V range adds the TO-220 full-pack to the same range of outlines available for the 80 V range. This new OptiMOS 5 range of MOSFETs currently offers the lowest values of on-state resistance available.

Infineon anticipate that this range of Power MOSFETs will be used in high frequency switching applications especially for synchronous rectification in telecom and server power supplies as well as in industrial applications such as solar power inverters, low voltage drives and power adapter designs.

The 80 and 100V OptiMOS5 devices are available in SuperSO8, S308, TO-Leadless, TO-220, TO-220 FullPAK (100 V range only), D²PAK and D²PAK 7-pin. Samples are now available in both voltage classes and all package outlines.

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