Russia and the Caspian States in the Global Energy Balance

May 11, 2009 | 00:00

Russia and the Caspian States in the Global Energy Balance

Russia's status as a current and future energy producer is close to unrivaled. However, the countries energy geopolitical reach is limited, constrained by dependence on the European market, as a result of geography and historical investments. The authors claim that Russia's limited acces to seaborne export have historically under-optimised revenues from energy exports, as well as Moscow's direct energy market influence. however, Russia has been rethinking its energy strategy in order to assert itself on the international stage.

This study explores the impact of this strategy on the global energy scene. The study is cracked down into the following projects:

  • Scenarios for Russian Natural Gas Exports: The Role of Domestic Investment, the Caspian, and LNG
  • Russia's Regions and Energy Policy in East Siberia
  • Russia, Central Asia, and the Caspian - How Important is the Energy and Security Tradeoff?
  • The Future of the Russian Oil Industry
  • The Medvedev Presidency: Russia's Direction and the Implications for Foreign Policy 
  • Central Asian Energy Relations: Evaluating the Impact of Informal Dynamics on Formal Arrangements
  • China's Policies towards Energy Supplies from Russia and Central Asia
  • Emerging U.S. Policy towards Russia
  • The History & Politics of Russia's Relations with OPEC

All these working papers can be found here

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